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Free From Diabetes With This Unique Operation

Free From Diabetes With A Unique Operation – SGIT Did you know that diabetes can be cured with a special operation and thus you no longer have to suffer from this disease for the rest of your life? The unique method, called Ileal Interposition, or short SGIT, has been performed successfully in the world for last 10 years, by selected highly-skilled surgeons. Well, how does this surgery work? We, the people of the modern age, have not been able to get used to our new food industry and the industrial metropolitan life. The ingredients of the foods we eat have ... Read more

Diabetes – ‘The Silent Epidemic’

Diabetes is a genetic disease, which normally means that if you don’t have a family history of diabetes you will not have the disease, right? Well, wrong. Read here more about diabetes.

What is sleep: 10 interesting facts

Sleep is a physical state of total rest that restores the whole body to be able to resume daily activity. Though essential for any human being, scientists haven’t been able to fully understand sleep. Yet we have the information to help us figure out what actually happens when we close our eyes for the night. What is sleep: Interesting Facts 1. Depending on our age, each of us need some sleep hours. Thus, new-born sleep around 16 hours a day, children ages 3-12 years sleep for about 10 hours, teenagers 13-18 sleep for 9 hours, after turning 19, we sleep ... Read more

Factors To Consider When Opting For LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery may be the most popular form of laser eye surgery available today. It is designed to treat eye conditions like astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia, conditions that affect a lot of people worldwide. LASIK generally has high success rates. Yet, there are certain situations when LASIK is NOT the best option. The success of this sought-after medical procedure depends on the more factors. Eye Health If you suffer from any kind of eye condition, you have to get it cured before undergoing LASIK procedure. Any errors, like refractive or abnormal pupils, must be corrected. Your vision must be ... Read more

Quit smoking, it’s easy!

Do you want to quit smoking? You can do it without any help whatsoever. Just see these simple steps that can make you think twice.

Pediatric Care Around the World

When a child falls ill or needs a medical procedure, parents will do anything in their power to give them the best treatment possible.  Unfortunately, in the United States, medical procedures and treatments are extremely costly and in some cases, have a waiting list.  One option for parents is to travel abroad and receive the same quality of medical attention and expertise found in the United States at a fraction of the cost.  Medical facilities around the world offer pediatric care including centers found in Thailand, Turkey, Poland and Mexico. Experienced and highly qualified physicians provide medical care to children ... Read more

Exotic Travels to Turkey for High-Quality Medical Care

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world and seeing different cultures and landscapes? Since the country of Turkey is not often on someone’s bucket list, it’s a perfect excursion to take when you need to undergo various treatments or procedures. The country blends old and new when it comes to music, literature and architecture – so it’s a beautiful country to see and experience. Many well-known treatment centers in Turkey treat patients around the world with a variety of ailments or conditions. Cities that contain some of these notable centers include: Alanya Izmir Istanbul The country is increasingly becoming ... Read more

Infertility Treatments: One Woman Discovered Options

Janet had trouble getting pregnant after two years of trying, and when all her newly married friends started sharing the happy news, she knew she needed to be checked. Unfortunately, the treatment options for her far exceeded the family’s conservative budget, and she needed to find a plan B. Through a friend at work, she heard about the idea of traveling abroad for medical treatments – turns out such treatments range thousands of dollars lower in countries such as: India Thailand Panama Turkey Guatemala Argentina She, along with her husband, had always wanted to visit Guatemala, so together they planned ... Read more

World Class Psychiatric Treatments Found Abroad

When dealing with the delicate subject of psychiatry, it is important to find accommodations and facilities that offer exceptional care with dignity. While you may find such treatments in the United States, often packages are extremely expensive and have a waiting list before receiving treatment. Medical tourism is a valuable resource for those who want outstanding attention without spending extreme amounts of money. Travel abroad to countries such as Costa Rica, Jordan, Mexico and Serbia to undergo required psychiatric treatments under the supervision of medical professionals, including: Naturopath Neurologist Psychiatrist Psychologist Narcologist Internist These licensed and educated professionals strive to ... Read more