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Weight loss benefits:Lower risk of breast cancer!

I am talking about those persistent fat deposits on your belly. I offer you the one significant benefit of weight loss: considerably lower risk of uterus and breast cancer! Do you still need a reason to lose weight? See the weight loss benefits! The estrogen secretion in a woman’s body is physiological, involved in the activity of breast and endometrium (the lining of the uterus lining). But the breast and uterus are designed for normal amounts of estrogen and not for the surplus quantity artificially created by fat deposits. Let’s go into the details of weight loss benefits! Weight loss ... Read more

Excellent Medical Destinations: Not Far From Home

Though medical tourism is a fantastic option for those who want to travel internationally and save money undergoing various medical procedures, you don’t have to travel far from home if you live in the United States to make use of low costs and exceptional accommodations. Mexico is a prime destination if you are looking to undergo any of the following medical treatments: Cosmetic surgery Cosmetic dentistry Weight loss surgery Stem cell transplants Integrative medicine General medicine and surgery Bariatric operations Medical facilities throughout the country feature top-notch physicians and a team of educated medical professionals to provide you with a ... Read more

World Class Psychiatric Treatments Found Abroad

When dealing with the delicate subject of psychiatry, it is important to find accommodations and facilities that offer exceptional care with dignity. While you may find such treatments in the United States, often packages are extremely expensive and have a waiting list before receiving treatment. Medical tourism is a valuable resource for those who want outstanding attention without spending extreme amounts of money. Travel abroad to countries such as Costa Rica, Jordan, Mexico and Serbia to undergo required psychiatric treatments under the supervision of medical professionals, including: Naturopath Neurologist Psychiatrist Psychologist Narcologist Internist These licensed and educated professionals strive to ... Read more

Pushing the Envelope for Medical Care

If you don't want to wait for healthcare prices to come down (and they won't), and you need health care services or surgery now to enhance your range of motion, health and wellness, or for pain relief, check out your options abroad.

British Woman Travels to India for Breast Cancer Therapy

Kathryn, a 32-year old British citizen, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a waitress, she had a health insurance policy, but it offered a smaller cap limit than she needed. The policy paid for surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from her breast, but the surgery and the resulting stay in the hospital capped out her policy. She still needed coverage for thousands of pounds worth of post-surgical treatments, including chemotherapy. Kathryn and her mother researched her options. The problem was that drug therapy costs were astronomical, amounting to thousands of pounds – one drug would cost almost £20,000 a ... Read more