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Excellent Medical Destinations: Not Far From Home

Though medical tourism is a fantastic option for those who want to travel internationally and save money undergoing various medical procedures, you don’t have to travel far from home if you live in the United States to make use of low costs and exceptional accommodations. Mexico is a prime destination if you are looking to undergo any of the following medical treatments: Cosmetic surgery Cosmetic dentistry Weight loss surgery Stem cell transplants Integrative medicine General medicine and surgery Bariatric operations Medical facilities throughout the country feature top-notch physicians and a team of educated medical professionals to provide you with a ... Read more

Pushing the Envelope for Medical Care

If you don't want to wait for healthcare prices to come down (and they won't), and you need health care services or surgery now to enhance your range of motion, health and wellness, or for pain relief, check out your options abroad.

Iraqis Traveling to Egypt, Jordan and India for Care

For more information regarding medical facilities located in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, visit, a one-stop resource for information, pricing and travel packages for Iraqis and their neighbors seeking superlative and affordable care.

International Medical Tourism – Meeting Growing Global Demand

PlacidWay, an international medical tourism portal and resource, is pleased to offer information regarding medical treatments, surgical facilities abroad, accredited hospitals and certified and highly trained and experienced physicians for global travelers from around the globe.