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Can You See Me Now? Medical Tourism for Eye Care

Tired of wearing contacts or dealing with glasses? LASIK eye surgery is a great option to dealing with vision issues like being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism. Created in 1990, the LASIK technique blended two different surgical techniques called photorefractive keratectomy and Keratomileusis.  In its most simplistic definition, however, LASIK eye surgery is a laser eye Lasik surgical technique that involves cornea reshaping without cutting into it.   There are many different types of LASIK eye surgery, among them: Epi LASIK PRK Surgery Wavefront LASIK LASIK Monovision The Lasik laser eye surgery procedures are the quickest, easiest and painless way to ... Read more

Infographics: 2018 Medical Tourism Market Trends

The medical tourism market is a big market with many players in it. Patients are, naturally, the most important ones, as their spending determines who stays in the market and who goes bust. This is why we have surveyed our past and potential patients to see what they would do in the market.

Infographics: Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy in Mexico

Diabetic Retinopathy is the main leading cause of irreversible blindness among many working-age adults despite the use of laser and drug therapy, and retinal surgery to treat complications of this disease such as swelling of the retina or bleeding of the eye. Stem Cell therapy is the only form of treatment that can repair damaged tissues and the blood vessels in the eye.Check out which are the best Mexican Stem Cell Therapy centers that offer affordable Diabetic Retinopathy packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: Best Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Mexico

This infographic shows the indications, benefits, results after the surgery and of course, the patient underwent the procedure for the gastric sleeve surgery offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola.

Obesity Surgical Center

Welcome to Obesity Surgical Center Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Obesity Surgical Center is a modern obesity surgery clinic committed to offering patients safe and highly successful bariatric procedures, as well as an excellent environment for post-operatory recovery. The medical team consists of top bariatric surgeons, with years of experience and training in this field, who provide an excellent environment for pre- and post-operatory recovery. The center offers a post-surgery follow-up system, as well as dietetic care to help patients achieve the desired results. We are experts at providing our patients with a healthy and enjoyable life and pride ourselves in ... Read more

Infographics: Gastric Sleeve Package in Mexico

The price for the gastric sleeve package offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $4,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $5,800.

Infographics: Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery in Mexico

The price for the Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery package offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $5,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $6,800.

Infographics: Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery Package in Mexico

The price for the Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery package offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $4,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $5,800.

Infographics: Lap Band Revision Surgery to Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

The price for the Lap Band Revision Surgery to Gastric Sleeve package offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $5,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $6,800.

Infographics: Gastric Bypass Package in Mexico

The price for the gastric bypass package offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $5,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $6,800.

Surgimed Clinica, Ensenada, Mexico

Welcome to Surgimed Clinica Located in Baja California, Mexico, Surgimed Clinica is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic. The center is owned by famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pedro A. Cota, who has an experience of over 18 years in this field. Doctors Dr. Pedro A. Cota obtained his medical degree back in 1997 at the prestigious Autonomous University of Baja California. He continued his training in General Surgery and received his degree (with honours) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Later, he made ​​a 3 year specialization in Plastic Surgery at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dr. ... Read more

Ekol Hospitals Group, Izmir, Turkey

Welcome to Ekol Hospitals Group, Izmir, Turkey Ekol Hospitals Group (Izmir, Turkey) is focused on offering comprehensive healthcare services in most major medical and surgical disciplines, as well as ENT Surgery, Eye surgery, Plastic& Cosmetic Surgery, and Dental Treatment. Ekol ENT Hospital, the first and the biggest ENT Hospital in Turkey and Europe. Eye Hospital Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Clinic Dental Clinic Ekol Hospitals’ International Patient Services Center provides a comprehensive range of services for all its international patients and visitors. The staff is dedicated to offering services including: consultations diagnostic services billing and insurance travel and lodging arrangements language interpretation ... Read more

Clinica Rivera, San Jose, Costa Rica

Welcome to Clinica Rivera! Cosmetic Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica   Clinica Rivera is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and is one of the top cosmetic and plastic surgery centers in the country, providing a flawless level of care throughout the patient’s plastic surgery journey. Providing a comprehensive array of cosmetic surgical procedures for the face, breast, and body, together with aesthetic and laser treatments for the skin, Clinica Rivera helps local and international patients rest, renew, and refresh – all within the beautiful environment of Costa Rica. The clinic uses the latest, most up-to-date technology for cosmetic ... Read more

German International Clinic, Frankfurt, Germany

Welcome to German International Clinic German International clinic is a renowned health center located in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Siebenhuener, the director of this clinic, warmly welcomes patients from all over the world, looking for successful and safe medical procedures to help them return to their health. Dr. Siebenhuener works with a team of highly trained and experienced specialists, bringing together modern medical procedures and holistic therapies for a higher success rate in treating cancer and other chronic diseases. Each treatment is customized according to the patient’s needs, whether it is a modern procedure or a holistic approach or both.   ... Read more

Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery Singapore

Welcome to Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery   Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery, located in Singapore, focuses on medical skincare and lifestyle optimization services, aesthetic surgical services, face and body shaping,  using safe and sustainable medical aesthetics practices. At Centre for Cosmetics Rejuvenation and Surgery patients are always on the first place, as the medical team first tries to understand each patient’s personal condition and preferences, and then create an effective personalized treatment that is best suited to their lifestyle. Our mission is to be known as a trusted aesthetic surgical service provider and our aim is to enhance our patients’ lives ... Read more

Fabulous Nose Surgery Options in Thailand

The most critical thing in nose surgery is to reshape the nose that will enhance the appearance and improve the facial congruity in connection to other facial components, for example, width and length of the face, brow and button for a superior facial equalization. The perfect state of nose is as per the following: nasal scaffold (thin piece of nose between eyes) ought to make a characteristic and smooth bend from the brow. At the point when seen in profile, the line from the edge to the tip ought to be straight for men and bended for ladies. A somewhat ... Read more

TOP 5 Cosmetic Procedures in South Korea, the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World

Asia has become the go-to destination for medical tourism as hospitals from Seoul to Singapore add technology and well-trained physicians to their teams. Industry experts say that medical tourism in Asia will grow at a rate of 15 to 20% a year, thanks in large part to an influx of newly rich people in China and elsewhere in the region, according to Reuters. Based on reports in the popular media glorifying cosmetic surgery attitudes in East Asia, South Korean population has the highest rate of going under the knife in pursuit of beauty. Holding 24% of the world’s plastic surgery market share, ... Read more

Why Is Croatia One of the Best Destinations for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery?

More and more people believe that their faces don’t reflect their inner spirit, happiness and vitality, so many of them decide to undergo small or big aesthetic operations. Croatia has become a wonderful destination for those who are looking for cosmetic/plastic surgery abroad with highly professional staff, well organized patient transfer, accommodation and aftercare. Have you ever wondered how to get a perfect look without spending a fortune? If so, Croatia is the right place. About 25% of the plastic surgery in the European Union take place in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia. Croatia is well known for its ... Read more

Visa-Free Travel to Europe for Emiratis to Boost Medical Tourism

Emiratis can now travel through Europe without applying for visas after the European Parliament recently waived requirements. The waiver allows UAE citizens to travel through the 26 Schengen countries without applying for visas, as well as eight non-Schengen states: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, the Vatican, Andorra, San Marino and Monaco. The 26 Schengen states are Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. UAE citizens still travel abroad for medical treatment A Gallup survey of more than 4,000 ... Read more

Safe and Affordable Laser Dentistry Treatments in India

Imagine visiting your dentist for a surgical procedure, but going through it without any scalpels, needles and stitches. The laser treatment is a much more comfortable alternative to the traditional procedures as it requires less anesthesia. Also, the aftermath can be much more pleasant. Hospitals in India are known for their state-of-the art dentistry laser technologies. India has world’s top-rated laser dentists who have years of experience and knowledge dentistry which include general, cosmetic and restoration dentistry. Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1990 and there are more than 40 uses for it. Initially lasers were very expensive, but now they have become ... Read more