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Infographics: Best Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Mexico

This infographic shows the indications, benefits, results after the surgery and of course, the patient underwent the procedure for the gastric sleeve surgery offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola.

Obesity Surgical Center

Welcome to Obesity Surgical Center Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Obesity Surgical Center is a modern obesity surgery clinic committed to offering patients safe and highly successful bariatric procedures, as well as an excellent environment for post-operatory recovery. The medical team consists of top bariatric surgeons, with years of experience and training in this field, who provide an excellent environment for pre- and post-operatory recovery. The center offers a post-surgery follow-up system, as well as dietetic care to help patients achieve the desired results. We are experts at providing our patients with a healthy and enjoyable life and pride ourselves in ... Read more

Infographics: Bariatric Surgery Package in Seoul South Korea

Bariatric Surgery is a procedure that supports you in losing weight by making alterations to your digestive system. This type of surgery is effective in significantly reducing excess body fat. Bariatric Surgery is a great option especially if you have been diagnosed with severe obesity and have not been able to lose weight or have gained weight from other methods such as lifestyle and medication Check out which are the best Korea obesity centers that offer affordable bariatric surgery packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: Top Gastric Sleeve In Mexico

Mexico provides innovative weight-loss surgeries and treatments for your unique weight-loss goals. Safety is also top priority at best the Mexican weight loss centers, so patients can feel safe coming to the center for best medical care.

Infographics: Why should you consider obesity surgery if you have diabetes?

More and more people seem to suffer from diabetes, a disease that can be fatal if it is not kept under control. One of the main causes for diabetes is obesity. But if the most effective treatment for obesity is bariatric surgery, could this have a role play in the treatment of diabetes?

Infographics: Top 10 Reasons for People Choosing South Korea for Plastic Surgery

When we talk of cosmetic surgery solutions in Asia, the "go to" destination is South Korea. This is primarily because South Korea offers some of the most competitive prices for such surgeries and is home to state of the art technology in medical science.

Infographics: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling Mexico for Obesity Procedures

Bariatric weight loss surgery is a specialty of many hospitals in Mexico. Doctors in Mexico who specialize in treatment of obesity offer a multitude of treatments for obesity, including morbid obesity surgery, laparoscopic banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic gastric banding, among many other procedure.

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery : Center of Excellence for your recovery

Do you think about weight loss and healthy and good body? You can have your dream came true with the Gastric Bypass surgery! The Metabolic Surgery Clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey and is known as successful clinic in treating obesity, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. The Gastric Bypass procedure is mainly reducing your stomach. Meanwhile, the surgery allows the food bowl (the amount of food ingested at one meal) to bypass a part of the small intestine. The fact that the food bowl avoids a portion of the small intestine is beneficial to those who want to lose weight, as it absorbs more calories. This highly safe ... Read more

Affordable Gastric Sleeve In India

Top Gastric Sleeve Procedure In India What patients cannot receive the best treatment at home, they will get internationally. Treatment for morbid obesity and related diseases is no longer limited to western, modern nations, and patients seeking bariatric surgical treatment are no longer restricted to their own borders. India is a prestigious medical tourism destination, which provides state-of-the art bariatric treatment for all the problems caused by obesity for patients worldwide. In a gastric sleeve procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 70% of the stomach laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or “sleeve.” This is the simplest, ... Read more

Duodenal Switch Surgery Package in Ahmedabad India

Duodenal Switch Surgery Package in Ahmedabad, India Are you tired of being obese and finally decided to undergo bariatric surgery? Why not choose the most efficient of the procedures: the duodenal switch surgery! The duodenal switch procedure combines the malabsorptive and restrictive weight loss surgery methods. By reducing the size of the stomach and by bypassing part of the small intestine, the  procedure helps patients reduce the food intake, but also the calories intake. This surgery has proved to be very effective when it comes to losing weight and treating metabolic syndrome. Due to drastic weight loss, patients also end ... Read more

Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection!

Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection! It turns out that over 2.1 billion people in the world are obese,and, yes, indeed many of them suffer from other diseases such as: hypertension, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and of course: Diabetes Type 2. The statistics make us wonder: What are we doing wrong? According to studies, we could actually prevent diabetes by preventing obesity, and this is not so hard as we thought. So,how do we stop it? OBESITY. Many images come to mind when we hear the word obese. To be overweight or obese is a synonym ... Read more