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Infographics: Dental Implants Procedures in Puerto Vallarta

Dental implants services are in high demand, and no one does as good of a job as Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta spreads along the sandiest of beaches but also offers majestic dental implant services to local and international patients. You also get a stunning chance to explore this town and Mexico like you never have before. Here is everything you need to know about Puerto Vallarta and Mexico's dental implants treatments.

Infographics: Breast Augmentation in Mexico

In Mexico, breast augmentation represents one of the most popular procedures. And why wouldn't it be so? Affordable, comfortable and pain-free, here is how breast augmentation is done in Mexico.

Infographics: Tummy Tuck Procedures in Costa Rica

Find out the most relevant information about tummy tuck procedures done in Costa Rica. Also, learn their prices tummy tucks in Costa Rica, the leading clinics in the area and the doctors working in the field as experts. Get in touch with the best tummy tuck clinics in Costa Rica make a decision based on knowledge and information!

Infographics: Liposuction in South Korea

Liposuction is sought after a lot in South Korea. People here are very open towards plastic and obesity surgeries, especially given the fact that everyone is obsessed with celebrities there. The aim of this procedure is to reduce the visible fat in the body (notably in the thigh area) and to improve the looks of the body parts on which it is performed.

Infographics: Best Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

Stem cell therapy has been made simple, efficient, professional and affordable at some of the most renowned stem cells therapy-proving clinics in Mexico. Have a look at the prices which will allow you to get to sunny and welcoming Mexico and receive the best stem cell treatment, yet!

Infographics: Showcasing Certificates and Accreditations are Important to International Patients

Trying to increase the scope of your business to include international patients brings forth the need for proper marketing techniques and a shift in priorities when it comes to attracting patients.

Infographics: Pricing and Packages Are Important to International Patients

Finances are an important part of all our everyday lives. Rare are people who do not have to worry about money and who do not have to plan and budget ahead in order to get everything done with the salary that they have. Any marketing specialist in the world will tell you that you can try all you want with your marketing strategies, but nothing will ever beat the power, originality, and authenticity of the word-of-mouth marketing.

Infographics: Patient Testimonials and Stories Attracting International Patients

Any marketing specialist in the world will tell you that you can try all you want with your marketing strategies, but nothing will ever beat the power, originality, and authenticity of the word-of-mouth marketing.

Infographics: 2018 Medical Tourism Market Trends

The medical tourism market is a big market with many players in it. Patients are, naturally, the most important ones, as their spending determines who stays in the market and who goes bust. This is why we have surveyed our past and potential patients to see what they would do in the market.

Infographics: 2018 Data Analyzing Practices in the Medical Tourism Industry

Data analysis is one of the essential things for any business that wishes to succeed in any given industry. Medical tourism is no different. We need reliable data that we can build our future on. Enter to find out how to get it.

Infographics: Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy in Mexico

Diabetic Retinopathy is the main leading cause of irreversible blindness among many working-age adults despite the use of laser and drug therapy, and retinal surgery to treat complications of this disease such as swelling of the retina or bleeding of the eye. Stem Cell therapy is the only form of treatment that can repair damaged tissues and the blood vessels in the eye.Check out which are the best Mexican Stem Cell Therapy centers that offer affordable Diabetic Retinopathy packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: CimaVax Lung Cancer Vaccine in Cuba

The price for the CimaVax Lung Cancer Vaccine offered by Basa Medical Tourism Cuba starts at $7,192.

Infographics: Orthopedic Surgery Costs around the World

Explore the prices across the most popular destinations for orthopedic surgeries and procedures around the world. Knowing the prices and the price ranges in different countries can make it easier for you to make an informed decision about your destination for an orthopedic surgery.

Infographics: How Affordable Are Fertility Treatments Abroad

Find out what the prices for fertility treatments are around the world. Read this article so that you can be one step closer towards making an informed decision about your fertility treatment destination.

Infographics: Urology Treatments Abroad and Their Costs

Find out more about which urology treatments are available abroad, and the price that you have to pay to gain access to one of those treatments. This article is an overview of the prices around the world, but also a general insight into urology and its treatments.

Infographics: The Cost of Gynecologists Worldwide

Explore the costs of getting gynecological services across the world. Find out how much does it cost to have a gynecological procedure in India, Poland, Malaysia, or Greece.

Infographics: The Cost of Cancer Treatment Abroad

Here we will explore how expensive cancer treatments are around the world. You will be able to also find out which places are the most sought after when it comes to fighting cancer and how much does it cost to have a treatment there.