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Fat transfer for strong hips in men in Istanbul, Turkey

Estetik International is now one of the top aesthetic clinics in the world. It was founded in 1999 by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Bulent CIHANTIMUR. In this article, the clinic presents its fat transfer for strong hips in men procedure. If you think that looking good is a privilege presented only for women, you are wrong, that era is over. Men ask also help from us. In addition, men make a request about Brazil butt ascetics that has gained momentum in women for last 5 years. A news has been published in New York Times last year. According to ... Read more

Infographics: Top Hair Transplant Options in Turkey

Hair loss has become a problem which affects your life? Why not deal with it? Turkey has some of the best hair transplantation clinics and surgeons in the world!

Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in Turkey

Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in Turkey offers personalized plastic and cosmetic surgery and treatments to meet the patients’ expectations and reach a successful outcome. How we look, is of great importance for each one of us, and the medical team at Pureline Aesthetics completely understands this need for perfection. The modern equipment would be nothing without the skills and experience of the clinic’s surgeons and specialists, and they manage to reach the highest expectations in their field. Contact us if you need more information about the procedures we are offering or if you need answers regarding the plastic, cosmetic and ... Read more