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Iraqis Traveling to Egypt, Jordan and India for Care

For more information regarding medical facilities located in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, visit, a one-stop resource for information, pricing and travel packages for Iraqis and their neighbors seeking superlative and affordable care.

Dental Care in the Land of the Pharaohs

Dental clinics in Egypt offer the best in a wide range of services. Egyptian dental surgery hospitals, dental clinics in Egypt and dental health centers in Hurghada are some of the best in the entire region. Facilities like PrimaDent, located on the shores of the Dead Sea, offer a variety of treatments in endodontic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and everything from root canal oral surgery to dental implants.

Medical Tourism Egypt Style

Hospitals in Egypt provide environments that cater to patient care and service. American and British medical schools and universities often train surgeons in Egypt, and surgery in Egypt provides expertise and experience of care in a wide range of medical disciplines.