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Infographics: Kidney Transplant Surgery Package in India

Even after making changes in your diet plan, taking medication and seeking other forms of treatment for the Kidney disease your kidneys still can’t filter your blood adequately, then it is time you consider having a kidney transplant. Check out which are the best Indian centers that offer affordable Kidney Transplant to medical tourists!

Be Stone Free with Mexicos Medical Centers for Kidney Stone Surgery

Be Stone Free with Mexico’s Medical Centres for Kidney Stone Surgery Do you feel a burning sensation when you urinate or a sharp, cramping pain on your lower abdomen? These symptoms may put you at risk for having kidney stones. Twenty years ago, open surgery (nephrectomy) was the only option to remove a kidney stone which required a recovery time of 4 to 6 weeks – a very stressful period for patients. Today, because of medical advancements, kidney stone treatment has greatly improved, and many non-invasive options may now be performed in an outpatient setting like Lithotripsy. Moreover, here are signs and symptoms you ... Read more

Successful Kidney Stones Surgery in Mexico

Successful Kidney Stones Surgery in Mexico Mexico has more than a dozen destinations specialized in medical tourism, where touristic providers join medical care of the highest quality to meet the fields of oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery and gastroenterology. One of the most successful procedure performed in Mexican clinics is the kidney stone surgery, thanks to the highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and service with worldwide quality through an extensive infrastructure with cutting-edge medical technology. Surgery is rarely needed to treat kidney stones. Surgery is only needed when the kidney stone is very large, caused ... Read more

Kidney Transplant Treatment Abroad

Kidney Transplant Procedure Overview At their most basic definition of function, the kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products from the bloodstream and excreting them from the body in the form of urine. The kidneys are also responsible for removing excess fluids from the blood and body. Damaged kidneys lose their ability to filter such fluids and wastes, which then accumulate in the body, causing multiple complications. Such situations are defined as kidney failure. While every individual has two kidneys, only one donated kidney is necessary to replace the function of two damaged kidneys. A person can survive and lead ... Read more