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Quit smoking, it’s easy!

Do you want to quit smoking? You can do it without any help whatsoever. Just see these simple steps that can make you think twice.

World Class Psychiatric Treatments Found Abroad

When dealing with the delicate subject of psychiatry, it is important to find accommodations and facilities that offer exceptional care with dignity. While you may find such treatments in the United States, often packages are extremely expensive and have a waiting list before receiving treatment. Medical tourism is a valuable resource for those who want outstanding attention without spending extreme amounts of money. Travel abroad to countries such as Costa Rica, Jordan, Mexico and Serbia to undergo required psychiatric treatments under the supervision of medical professionals, including: Naturopath Neurologist Psychiatrist Psychologist Narcologist Internist These licensed and educated professionals strive to ... Read more

Seeking Cancer Care Abroad

Cancer is an insidious disease, with too many types and varieties to list here. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, your doctor will consult, or even turn your case over to an oncologist, or a doctor/surgeon who specializes in cancers and cancer treatments. Patients may sometimes have a choice of procedures or treatments, but it’s always a good idea to know your options, whether they’re traditional medical approaches or alternative treatments, such as stem cell therapy. You can even combine traditional with ‘alternative’ or natural treatments, known as complimentary medical care and treatments. A number of factors determine what type or ... Read more

Iraqis Traveling to Egypt, Jordan and India for Care

For more information regarding medical facilities located in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, visit, a one-stop resource for information, pricing and travel packages for Iraqis and their neighbors seeking superlative and affordable care.

Is International Medical Care Worth It?

For example, a single coronary artery heart bypass surgery in the United States can cost up to $35,000. The same procedure provided in India costs $6,000.

Seniors Travel Abroad for Chronic Care Treatments

Americans are seeking medical care while traveling or on vacations, a trend that seems to grow as medical and health care costs continue to rise and government agencies determine exactly what types of medical services will be cut, especially regarding senior care.

One-Stop Resource for International Medical Care

PlacidWay is a multidimensional medical care portal that offers individuals wanting to know more about medical travel and medical tourism detailed explanations of medical techniques and procedures, doctors and surgeons, their qualifications, and background information on facilities.