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Medical City Clark

Welcome to Medical City Clark The Medical City Clark center works in the field of general medicine, and offers a wide range of services to both local and international patients, as well as both adults and children. This medical center offers a huge accommodation capacity, divided among two facilities. We offer over 800 beds for patients in need, and we have a team of 280 doctors working on each case with individual attention and dedication. Our medical facility is equipped with the most advanced medical technology, which allows our doctors to perform better, and patients to experience a smoother and ... Read more

Understanding the Medical Tourists Journey

Searching for what you need in a myriad of options when it comes to your healthcare can be overwhelming especially when you are planning a medical trip abroad. Here at PlacidWay, we have designed our website to suit your needs so that you can customize the healthcare experience you need! At PlacidWay, we understand your healthcare journey that’s why we have created a simple step-by-step guide to help you access the newly designed website. 1. Identify what you need. 2. Research 3. Compare prices 4. Connect with a provider 5. Select and decide 6. Plan your healthcare journey Read More ... Read more

Needing Heart Surgery? Things you should know!

The heart is an amazing muscular tissue that helps your organs to function properly providing them with the exact quantity of blood and oxygen they need in order to work well. But sometimes a disease or injury weakens your heart, and it needs to be fixed or replaced to work normally once again.When lifestyle changes or other treatments such as medicines do not work or cannot be used, heart surgery might be an option. Let’s review some things you should know about heart surgery. There are two different kind of surgeries used to “fix” the heart: minimally invasive surgery and ... Read more