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Infographics: How Affordable Are Fertility Treatments Abroad

Find out what the prices for fertility treatments are around the world. Read this article so that you can be one step closer towards making an informed decision about your fertility treatment destination.

Infographics: 11 Questions You Should Ask a Fertility Doctor before a Treatment Abroad

Having to choose a fertility treatment, especially abroad, can be a stressful situation. With the help of the following questions, it will be a bit easier to make an informed decision and to know how to assess the potential doctors that will administer the treatment.

Infographics: How to Choose a Gynecology Treatment Abroad

Women’s reproductive health is a fragile thing. A lot of things can cause an imbalance in the body so that the woman remains infertile. Aside from that, there are numerous other things to look out for: STDs, cysts, yeast infections, adenomyosis, and adhesions.

Infographics: How to Choose a Urology Treatment Abroad

When looking for an urologist, you have to be sure that what you are choosing is top notch. This is someone who will be responsible for your reproductive organs, as well as for your urinary continence.

Infographics: How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

When choosing a clinic for a fertility treatment or an IVF, it is important to ask the right questions. Here, we will help you find those questions and show you how to look for answers.

Infographics: IVF with ICSI or IMSI Treatment Package in Thailand

Do you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent, but you are not able to carry out a pregnancy normally? Are you looking for IVF with ICSI or IMSI treamtent packages? Check out which are the best Fertility centers in Thailand that offer affordable IVF with ICSI or IMSI packages to medical tourists! Are you looking for fertility options? IVF with ICSI or IMSI can help you become a parent. Check out which are the best Thai Fertility centers that offer affordable IVF witth ICSI or IMSI packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: IVF Packages in Asia

IVF is an output that frequently solves infertility related issues. Read this article and find out which are the best Asian medical centres which offer IVF packages for international tourists!

Infographics: Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Package for Infertility in Europe

Stem Cell therapy for infertility is a safe and effective procedure that reduces the number of men and women who struggle to have children of their own. It not only restore a woman’s fertility but it also delay’s menopause. Check out which are the best Stem Cell Therapy centers in Europe that offer affordable Infertility packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: IVF with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis in Mexico

Laws regarding surrogacy differ throughout the world yet there are those few places where one can choose to go for affordable surrogacy. Understand the basics of surrogacy and how it works in countries where these programs are available.

Infographics: In Vitro Fertilization Options in Latin America

Couples from Canada, France, the UK, Australia, Spain, China and many other countries, have contacted PlacidWay to fulfil their dreams of becoming parents. We connect such couples with highly experienced fertility doctors and surrogacy experts who closely work with the intended parents to choose the best option for them.

Infographics: Surrogacy Options for Heterosexual Couples

Laws regarding surrogacy differ throughout the world yet there are those few places where one can choose to go for affordable surrogacy. Understand the basics of surrogacy and how it works in countries where these programs are available.

Infographics: Tubal Ligation Reversal Packages in Mexico

PlacidWay can help you access some of the best fertility centers in the world which offer highly successful tubal ligation reversal procedure. Do not give up on your dream of becoming a mother. Contact us and find out more about this procedure.

Infographics: Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico

Choose Tubal Ligation procedure in, Mexico and you will benefit from highly trained surgeons, experienced medical team, modern medical equipment, affordable prices and safe procedure.

IVF Treatment Patient Testimonial in Mexico

Watch the patient testimonial of Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Lena about the IVF treatment in Mexicali, Mexico. This technique involves placing an egg in contact with 20 000, 30 000 sperm in a Petri dish, leaving incubating amidst a special culture for fertilization to occur. Under controlled conditions of temperature, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide, moisture and special culture media. It consists of hyper stimulate a woman, suck eggs and donate them to a receiver such that either some type ovarian failure or genetic abnormalities that indicate use these eggs. There is a committee to analyze the selection and acceptance ... Read more

What are your chances of success with Fertility Treatments?

Many fertility clinics offer their fertility success rates to patients looking for this type of treatments. Any patient would choose the clinic with the highest numbers, but are you sure you know how to read those numbers? What does 80% success rate with IVF really means?  Are you looking at the clinic’s success rates overall or at those related to a specific age or maybe procedure or maybe the number of healthy babies born? As you can see there are many questions that you should ask to be sure that you completely understand what the given numbers really show.  Before ... Read more

Infertility Treatment Package at ReLife in Beijing China

Do you know that…? *Chinese Herbal Formulas (unique formulas for different people) alone demonstrated 60% effectiveness for pregnancy or increased fertility. *Western Fertility Drugs in the same study demonstrated 30% effectiveness. *Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medical Medicine resulted in 3.5 times better odds for conceiving.    ReLife International Medical Center : Focused on the quality of life! infertility-china ReLife International Medical Center in Beijing, China uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Stem Cell Therapy in their fertility treatments. TCM has been practiced in China for almost 3000 years. Methods include a unique system that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine formula, ... Read more

Infographics: 10 Steps to Find the Best Fertility Treatment in Europe