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Infographics: Why should you consider obesity surgery if you have diabetes?

More and more people seem to suffer from diabetes, a disease that can be fatal if it is not kept under control. One of the main causes for diabetes is obesity. But if the most effective treatment for obesity is bariatric surgery, could this have a role play in the treatment of diabetes?

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Germany

It is safe to say that you are searching for an inventive method for treating or enhancing diabetes? The arrangement is more reachable, unmistakable and moderate than you suspected! Established by Dr. Shams Scheik (American Board Certified expert), Juventas Revitalization Clinic is situated in Germany and joins an enthusiasm for constant examination with an abnormal state of patient center, specialist quiet collaboration and an extensive patient instruction. The middle spotlights on using so as to treat and avoiding perpetual ailments revitalization and natural inventive treatments, which are continually under examination. The Stem Cell Therapy Program for Diabetes offered by Juventas ... Read more

Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection!

Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection! It turns out that over 2.1 billion people in the world are obese,and, yes, indeed many of them suffer from other diseases such as: hypertension, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and of course: Diabetes Type 2. The statistics make us wonder: What are we doing wrong? According to studies, we could actually prevent diabetes by preventing obesity, and this is not so hard as we thought. So,how do we stop it? OBESITY. Many images come to mind when we hear the word obese. To be overweight or obese is a synonym ... Read more

Free From Diabetes With This Unique Operation

Free From Diabetes With A Unique Operation – SGIT Did you know that diabetes can be cured with a special operation and thus you no longer have to suffer from this disease for the rest of your life? The unique method, called Ileal Interposition, or short SGIT, has been performed successfully in the world for last 10 years, by selected highly-skilled surgeons. Well, how does this surgery work? We, the people of the modern age, have not been able to get used to our new food industry and the industrial metropolitan life. The ingredients of the foods we eat have ... Read more

Diabetes Does Not Mean STOP To Everything

Diabetes Does Not Mean STOP To Everything Diabetes is a chronic disease which is spreading at an alarming pace. Today, more than 180 million people live with diabetes and the disease kills more people than AIDS and breast cancer put together. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, don’t lose hope, and consider yourself one of the lucky ones who have detected the disease before it caused critical health complications. It is true that your life from now on will not be the same or as easy as it was. You have to be careful about what to eat, take ... Read more