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Ukraine Medical Tourism

Traveling to the Heart of Europe: The Ukraine Overview Ukraine is one of the oldest countries in Europe. No one would ever guess that a country that has been marred by political violence for so long could be so beautiful, but it is. The Ukraine enjoys the great Carpathian Mountains (home of such infamous and legendary characters as Vlad Dracul (Dracula) and Countess Elizabeth Bathory), the Black Sea, the Central Plains and the Crimean Peninsula. The area is a popular Russian holiday destination and region. The Ukraine is also home to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe including ... Read more

Turkey Medical Tourism

Blending East and West: Medical Travel to Turkey Overview Turkey is one of the oldest known inhabited locations in what used to be known as Asia Minor. It’s the land of Troy and ancient cultures such as the Hittites. Its history is complete with tales of Iconic Greeks and Persian Empire rule and Alexander the Great and Constantinople. It’s the home of Istanbul and tales of exotic adventures and history. Turkey is a country steeped in tradition and ancient lore that offers today’s visitors a true step into history with her heritage sights and landmarks. Turkey is fast gaining a ... Read more

Thailand Medical Tourism

Overview Thailand has been called the gateway to Indonesia, a part of Southeast Asia that has long been considered to be the most exotic and mysterious area of the globe. Foreigners envision grass huts on sandy beaches, beautiful, lush forests and sights and flavors of exotic foods, flora and fauna. Indeed, Thailand is an ancient land, but one that has met the challenge to become a leading power in this area of the world. Thailand, once known as the Kingdom of Siam, is filled with friendly people and things to do and see. From bustling, noisy Bangkok to the seclusion ... Read more

South Korea Medical Tourism

Traveling to South Korea for Medical Care Overview From snow capped mountains to tranquil ponds surrounded by quaint pagodas, the country of South Korea offers natives and visitors alike a wealth of beauty, ancient culture, traditions and foods. From a past host of the 1988 Summer Olympics and a potential host of the 2010 Winter Olympics to offering some of the best entertainment, dining and accommodations in Asia, Korea is a country that has struggled from a past of conflict to one that meets and leads 21st century competition in finance, IT, space, medical and health technologies. Home of the ... Read more

South Africa Medical Tourism

South Africa Offers Medical Tourism Adventures Overview South Africa is a unique place; a land of oceans, jungles and plains. Most of us think of safaris when we think of Africa, but South Africa has so much more to offer world travelers that her beautiful wildlife. South Africa also offers high-tech and modern cities, culture, arts, fine dining and the best in world-class hotel accommodations. South Africa offers experiences and sights that can be found nowhere else on the planet. South Africa is probably most known for its immense preserves and safari opportunities for world travelers. It’s an enchanting place, ... Read more

Singapore Medical Tourism

Overview Singapore – just the sound of the name evokes images of tropical splendor, smiling faces and exotic foods and sights that make you sigh. Singapore, located at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula may not be the largest country in the world, but it draws millions of visitors from around the world every year because of its never-ending allure of mystery, and cosmopolitan style. Singapore is a land of rivers, islands and gorgeous beaches that draws visitors from around the world. A mild climate, delicious cuisine, and thousands of years of history, steeped in thousand-year-old culture and traditions ... Read more

Russia Medical Tourism

Origins and Destinations for Health Care: Russia Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, a land of deserts, forests, and snow-capped mountains and of course Siberia. Russia is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Northern Pacific Ocean to the east and China and Kazakhstan to the south.  Russia is also a land of diversity with dozens of ethnic groups ranging from native Russians to Ukrainians, Chechens and Armenians. Moscow is the largest city and capital of Russia, a land so large that it spans nine different time zones. Russia is home to over 142 ... Read more

Mexico Medical Tourism

Overview Mexico is a land of bountiful sunshine, great food and ancient cultures. It’s also growing into one of the most popular medical destinations for medical travelers from the United States and Canada. Why not, when in addition to great medical care, you can vacation on the beach in Mazatlán, climb ancient Aztec temples or go scuba diving in Cancun? Mexico is a place of tradition that reaches back thousands of years. Mexico is a place of varied and sometimes extreme weather patterns and conditions, which range from snow in the north to hot, humid and tropical in the south. ... Read more

Jordan Medical Tourism

Overview Jordan is an ancient land, a country rich in history and culture that enjoys the reputation of being the foundation of civilization since Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian times.  For thousands of years, Jordan has enjoyed her place in history in the Middle East, from biblical times to the 21st century. Archaeological remains and wonders of the world can be found in Jordan, as can modern amenities and some of the most exotic and exquisite dining experiences, accommodations, and fun things to do. Visitors to Jordan invariably visit her many wildlife, nature, and wetland reserves or take in the scenery ... Read more

India Medical Tourism

India: Land of Enchantment India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. India is a mysterious country to foreigners and travelers who visit this diverse landscape for the first time. India is a land of contrast – of ancient farming and agricultural techniques in one area to bustling, cosmopolitan cities in another. It’s the one place you might see a fancy car share the same road as a cart pulled by a bullock. India has a wealth of treasures to show visitors, and choices of things to do and see are nearly limitless. India  Currency: Rupee Language: Hindi ... Read more

Greece Medical Tourism

Welcome to Greece: the Birthplace of Civilization Brief Overview Located in southeastern Europe along the south section of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is an ancient land surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Ionian Sea to the west.  An ancient land filled with a history of classic mythology, world-renowned architecture, and known as the birthplace of modern civilization, the country offers beauty, culture, and thousands of years of history to visitors. Greece: Currency – Euro Language – Greek Climate – Greece offers several types of climate, including Alpine, Mediterranean and Temperate. Capital – Athens From Mount Olympus ... Read more

Germany Medical Tourism

Overview Germany is an ancient land, one filled with history, architecture, art and literature. Germany is a land of cathedrals and forests, tales of medieval knights, castles, and some of the best Gothic and Renaissance architecture to be found in the world. Germany is a wild and rugged country, with the Black Forest and Bavarian Alps that awe and inspire. Germany is also a land of advanced technology and is a leader in many scientific and medical fields. Located in the middle of Western Europe, Germany is a country that offers not only beautiful mountain and river vistas, but also ... Read more

Fiji Islands Medical Tourism

Fiji Details The Fiji islands are located in the South Pacific, a string of islands surrounded by beautiful, aqua-blue waters and deep blue skies. As the ultimate tourist destination, the South Pacific continues to lure and attract visitors from around the globe as it has for hundreds of years. Fiji is actually a chain of islands located north and northeast of New Zealand and Australia.  Their nearest neighbors are the islands of Vanuatu to the west and New Caledonia to the southwest. Also located nearby are Samoa and Congo, other islands that have been inhabited by natives for thousands of ... Read more

Croatia Medical Tourism

Medical Care in the Land of Thousand Lakes – Croatia Overview Croatia is an ancient place of rivers, mountains, beaches and islands. Since the 7th century, this small kingdom has had its share of strife, war and poverty. Despite that, the 21st century offers a brighter future to this small country that now attracts tens of thousands of curious travelers to her beautiful cities, pristine beaches and rugged mountain ranges every year. Croatia’s capital is Zagreb, a hub of ancient history and modern technology. It’s a place where visitors can find architecture dating back to the 7th century or where ... Read more

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Overview Costa Rica is a land of gorgeous jungle terrain, pristine white beaches and more activities in different environments than most countries have put together! Costa Rica, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to her east, below Nicaragua and above Panama, offering visitors lush beauty that makes it easy to understand why it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Costa Rica’s main source of income is tourism, so this tiny country knows how to lay out the red carpet and show international visitors a great time. Whether you want to go ... Read more