Category: Benefits of the stem cell therapy for autism

Infinity Clinic

Welcome to Infinity Clinic! Located in Kiev, Ukraine, Infinity Clinic, is a renowned regenerative clinic established over 15 years ago, that specializes in preventive and regenerative medicine through a holistic approach. Patients choose the medical center to benefit from the latest advances and achievements of fetal stem cell therapy, which is fully approved and licensed by the Ukrainian government. The founders of Infinity Clinic worked with stem cell pioneers and carried out their own unique research in collaboration with several different scientific institutions. Through this research, the clinic’s specialists proved that natural rejuvenation and healing is possible through the administration ... Read more

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Europe

Autism is a confusion described by the impairment of social interaction, communication, mind-set swings, nervousness, repetitive behaviours and metabolic and digestive issues. Autism influences how data is handled inside of the mind by changing how nerve cells interface and compose. The stem cell therapy focuses on: • Immunity • Metabolism • Communication capacity • Memory, learning ability, thinking. Stem cells have the ability to transform into those cells that needed by the body (neurons, oligodendrocytes, blood cells etc.). The improvement consists in restoring damaged neural connections, the formation of new connections between neurons, the acceleration of the brain reactions etc. ... Read more