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Obesity Surgical Center

Welcome to Obesity Surgical Center Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Obesity Surgical Center is a modern obesity surgery clinic committed to offering patients safe and highly successful bariatric procedures, as well as an excellent environment for post-operatory recovery. The medical team consists of top bariatric surgeons, with years of experience and training in this field, who provide an excellent environment for pre- and post-operatory recovery. The center offers a post-surgery follow-up system, as well as dietetic care to help patients achieve the desired results. We are experts at providing our patients with a healthy and enjoyable life and pride ourselves in ... Read more

Infographics: Bariatric Surgery Package in Seoul South Korea

Bariatric Surgery is a procedure that supports you in losing weight by making alterations to your digestive system. This type of surgery is effective in significantly reducing excess body fat. Bariatric Surgery is a great option especially if you have been diagnosed with severe obesity and have not been able to lose weight or have gained weight from other methods such as lifestyle and medication Check out which are the best Korea obesity centers that offer affordable bariatric surgery packages to medical tourists!

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Mexico provides innovative weight-loss surgeries and treatments for your unique weight-loss goals. Safety is also top priority at best the Mexican weight loss centers, so patients can feel safe coming to the center for best medical care.

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Bariatric weight loss surgery is a specialty of many hospitals in Mexico. Doctors in Mexico who specialize in treatment of obesity offer a multitude of treatments for obesity, including morbid obesity surgery, laparoscopic banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic gastric banding, among many other procedure.

Global High Quality Options for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve or Sleeve Gastrectomy is a safe and highly successful bariatric surgery and the best option for patients with a BMI of 50 or higher. The size of the stomach is considerably reduced, the food intake is diminished and the patient will start losing weight a few months after surgery. The procedure is performed laparoscopically, which means faster recovery time, less pain, less bleeding during the procedure and lower percentage of having post-surgery complications. Learn more about: – Benefits of gastric sleeve procedure – Top Bariatric Surgery Clinics Worldwide – Cost of gastric sleeve procedure Source:

Best Revision Surgery at Mexico Bariatric Team in Mexicali Mexico

Best Revision Surgery at Mexico Bariatric Team in Mexicali, Mexico Bariatric surgery has improved amazingly. Have you undergone weight loss surgery, yet you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped to see? If so, the Mexico Bariatric Team can help. When medical weight loss treatments have failed, this team of experienced bariatric specialists will work with you to find a different weight loss method that works for you. Bariatric surgery revision at their advanced Mexicali surgical center helps patients to lose weight while improving their health. The Revision Surgical Procedure at Mexico Bariatric Team Revision surgery from gastric lap band to sleeve gastrectomy is a solution available ... Read more

Gastric Plication vs. Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Overview Numerous bariatric surgery procedures are available today, but they are not created equal. The type of bariatric surgical procedure a person undergoes often depends on numerous factors including current weight, desired weight loss goal, age, and overall physical condition. Factors may also be determined by the presence of comorbidity factors including conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or weight-bearing issues. Discuss the variety of bariatric surgery procedures and options available to you based on individualized case scenarios. Gastric Plication Gastric plication procedures are among the newest in the field of bariatric surgery. Such procedures promote long-term nutritional and weight loss management. Performed with a laparoscope, the ... Read more