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The dental technique which gives you a brand new chin & more. –

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Find affordable dental implants in exotic Mexican locations! #BestDentalImplantsMexico

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Going for dental crowns? Save some cash, visit Mexico for outstanding results and excellent dental vacation!

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Find Dental Implants at affordable prices in exotic Mexican locations!

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10 Places For Affordable Dental Implants
in Latin America

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Interview w/ Joaquin Rivera Dental Tourism Director at Dentalia Mexico #DentalCareMexico #DentaliaDentalClinicMexico

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Dental Fillings Treatment Abroad for your choices. #DentalFillingsTreatmentAbroad

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by Michelle

Why Turkey is also known for its Dental Procedures

Turkey is well-known for its cultural landmarks, architecture, museums, and ruins. Aside from being a destination for adventure and exploration, it’s a land of two cultures – the East and the West. Turkish healthcare services are also being noticed around the world. Medical tourists from all over the world journey to Turkey forLasik Eye treatmentshair transplantcosmetic surgery and dentistry procedures (such as application of zirconium crownsorthodontic braces andtitanium implants.)

Reasons why medical tourists go to Turkey

Aside from the tourist spots Turkey has to offer, the country has become a high quality dentistry hub. Turkish packages are very low compared to its European neighbors. It’s almost 70% lower and affordable, along with its cosmetic dentistry treatments.

One noticeable reason is because Turkey has a lower cost of living. Because rent, employee wages and expenses are relatively cheaper compared to its European neighbors, its prices of dental procedures are correspondingly lower – making it an ideal destination for all your high-quality and affordable dentistry needs.

Majority of the dental clinics in Turkey are clean, spacious and modern equipped, plus most of them have no waiting lists. Consultation may be free of charge as well. Some clinics offer assistance in arranging extra treatments such as hair-styling, cosmetics, and wrinkle-filling.

Another commendable feature in Turkish dental clinics is that they combine dentistry and holiday packages for their international patients. Some of the dental centers and clinics have international patient departments that coordinate foreign guest pick-ups (from the airport to their centers), and help in hotel accommodation and sight-seeing tours. Interpreting services for the following languages are also being offered such as: English, Arabian, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Macedonian, Georgian, and even Kurdish.

Other add-on services that provide more value and customer service include the following: medical second opinion may be free of charge, assisting patients and their relatives during their hospital and holiday stay, and offering free hotel accommodations for certain number of treatments availed by the patients.

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