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  • Monday,August 31st, 2009

    by Denise

    Some of the best cosmetic dentistry can be found south of the border in Central America. Costa Rica to be exact. Not only is Costa Rica one of the most popular tourist destinations in this portion of the world, it is also growing its reputation as a prime medical provider in cosmetic dentistry. Whether an individual needs a dental bridge, a mini dental implant, dentures, or wants to visit a teeth whitening dentist while vacationing along Costa Rica’s gorgeous beaches, dentists, physicians and dental and medical facilities in the country offer tourists and visitors the best in care.

    Wellness Dental in Costa Rica is an example of one of these facilities. Positive feedback, ecstatic reviews, and affordable dental care is what makes facilities such as Wellness Dental and Costa Rica is so popular. Affordable cosmetic dentistry, permanent dental bridges, dental bone implants, inexpensive dental implants, custom dentures, cosmetic teeth whitening, and pediatric cosmetic dentistry are just a few of the types of care offered.

    Costa Rica has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world for excellent care and facilities in the fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental implants and dentistry. Medical travelers to Costa Rica may enjoy as much as a 75% savings on surgical procedures over prices generally charged in the United States.

    Costa Rica also offers facilities, physicians and surgeons who specialize in bariatric surgery, reconstructive surgery and addiction therapies. Visitors can take care of business and then enjoy a tropical vacation during recuperation in one of the many high-class facilities that Costa Rica has to offer.

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    Saturday,August 29th, 2009

    by Denise

    In recent years, Barbados has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for international travelers from the United States, South America, South Africa and Europe. State-of-the-art treatments in fertility and infertility, cardiology, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, and dental and cosmetic dental medicine has drawn thousands of travelers to her sandy beaches and world-class medical facilities. A multitude of medical facilities, clinics and hospitals in Barbados are accredited by the JCI International, a U.S. health accreditation body.

    Medical tourism is growing around the world, and it is estimated that nearly 800,000,000 patients will travel beyond borders in 2010 for medical and health care, a great number of them to Barbados. Medical spas and health and wellness tourism has hit it big in Barbados and travel executives in the Caribbean recently joined together to promote medical tourism and global health for Americans and Europeans.

    PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Colorado, knows that competition for medical care is rising, as will the demand for orthopedic surgeries such as hip joint replacement as well as diagnostic medicine and dental care needed by growing numbers of Baby Boomers. Cost of medical care in Barbados will be similar to that found in Latin American countries such as Costa Rica.

    With the debate over health care reform and rising health care costs raging in the United States, more Americans will seek medical care abroad. What better than to schedule treatment in a vacation location? Barbados, a jewel of the Caribbean, meets that criteria, and will offer its medical facilities and treatment centers to the growing list of global health and wellness providers in coming years. PlacidWay is dedicated to providing relevant and timely resources for the health and wellness industry for travelers around the world.



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    Thursday,August 27th, 2009

    by Denise

    The state of healthcare reform in the United States has caused immense insecurity in questions regarding health care benefits, costs, availability, and most importantly of all, choices for Americans when it comes to their health and wellbeing. Because of this, the benefits of medical tourism or global healthcare has been pushed to the forefront. Individuals aware that healthcare benefits, insurance premiums, treatments and procedures may undergo changes in the coming years has prompted millions of Americans to consider their options.

    One of those options is traveling across borders for healthcare. Whether an individual needs cosmetic dentistry, weight loss or bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, cosmetic surgery, or coronary artery bypass surgery, the options for receiving world class, high-tech and state-of-the-art treatments, procedures and expertise from trained and accredited physicians and surgeons is available in locations from Mexico to Central Europe to Asia.

    From stem cell therapies to hip resurfacing, facilities around the world offer Americans as well as international travelers the best orthopedic, cardiac, obesity, and cosmetic or plastic surgical procedures and treatments. From cosmetic surgery at Ageless Wonders Panama to EmCell Clinic stem cell therapy in Ukraine, individuals have a choice.

    PlacidWay, a medical tourism and global healthcare resource portal, is dedicated to providing consumers with information regarding the best medical care at the most affordable prices from certified and accredited facilities around the world. Americans want choices, and the health and wellness industry across borders presents such opportunities and choices to all.

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    Thursday,August 27th, 2009

    by Denise

    Natural as well as not-so-natural treatments for skin care and therapies, techniques and procedures to tighten the skin, enhance appearance and reduce unsightly wrinkles encourage a multibillion dollar industry. In addition to the benefits of daily exercise, adequate hydration, a balanced and nutritious diet and “youth in a bottle.”

    But did you know that there are facilities that encourage more natural ways to maintain a useful and vigorous appearance?  Ayurveda, Yoga, massage, and anti aging skin and body treatments help individuals maintain healthy skin, the glow of youth, and inner as well as outer health at anti aging and medical health spas without resorting to expensive full facelift or body lift techniques and procedures.

    Some of the most popular antiaging treatments include cosmetic and plastic surgeries, Botox injections, human growth hormone products, fat transfers, antiaging skin care products, diets rich in antioxidants, antiaging medications and even stem cell rejuvenation and regeneration therapies.

    Facilities such as the Indus Valley Ayurveda Center in Mysore, India or the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland or Ageless Wonders Panama, in Panama, Central America are a few of the best world right facilities for age management and alternative medicine treatments that deal with  anti aging, complimentary medical practices such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and alternative medicine for beneficial, safe and effective results.

    Other facilities such as Villa Bella in Salzburg, Germany, and the Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala, India take natural therapies and holistic healing to new horizons when it comes to anti aging and the benefits of long-term effects and lifestyles.

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    Wednesday,August 26th, 2009

    by Denise

    As we all know, the cost of medical procedures is rising at a dramatic rate within the United States. Medical malpractice insurance for physicians and surgeons has driven medical costs for consumers through the roof. So, it’s not surprising that people are fighting back, and in an unusual way. A growing trend called medical tourism finds more Americans seeking medical help outside of the country. 


    Traveling to another country to have a wide variety of procedures done has grown increasingly popular as costs for procedures continue to cause financial hardship and strain. If you haven’t really seriously considered traveling to another country to have your procedure done, you should. Traveling outside of national borders saves patients thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on various surgeries and medical procedures. In some cases, choosing to have surgery abroad costs about a tenth of what you’d pay for the same procedure in the U.S.


    PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Colorado, USA, offers medical travel and global medical tourism resources, information and facility descriptions and certification for international travelers seeking affordable yet quality medical care and services.


    Surgical and medical facilities outside of the United States, including those in Asia, e.g., India, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, and North American cross border countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Latin America; and Eastern Block/European countries such as Hungary, Norway, Poland, lure growing numbers of medical tourists with the best trained physicians, higher service standards and huge savings.

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    Monday,August 24th, 2009

    by Denise

    North Carolina recently joined a number of other states to enact a cord blood education law, which helps departments of Health and Human Services educate the public regarding the preservation and future use of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Among others, the law ‘encourages’ physicians to make such information available to all pregnant parents so they can make informed decisions on  private or public blood banking systems.

    The benefit of umbilical cord blood stem cells is vital when a child is faced with a medical illness or diseases. Since the placenta and umbilical cord have traditional been discarded, finding these cells increase the chances of survival when an individual is faced with cancers, blood diseases or other ailments.

    Millions of parents have frozen and store their baby’s umbilical cord blood, and their numbers are growing. Stem cell research and development is entering an exciting era, and it is hoped that someday soon, multiple treatments for formerly incurable illnesses and disease processes will be discovered, making storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells invaluable.

    Facilities such as EmCell in Ukraine and Integra Medical Center and ProgenCell in Mexico treat patients with a variety of stem cell therapies, including umbilical cord blood stem cell and placenta stem cell therapies.

    Umbilical cord blood can be collected after either a cesarean or traditional birth. To collect the blood, parents must supply a cord blood kit which they can get from the cord blood bank where they will be storing the cells. In the event of a traditional birth, the umbilical cord is clamped from both ends and cut. An experienced nurse or obstetrician is often able to collect cord blood even before the placenta is delivered. To gather the cord blood, a small tube is inserted into the umbilical vein and collected, and then additional needles are placed within the delivered placenta to gather more valuable blood and cells.


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    Sunday,August 23rd, 2009

    by Denise

    Millions of Japanese, Korean and Chinese expatriates are flocking back to their native country, most specifically South Korea in order to enjoy the benefits of affordable obesity surgery.  PlacidWay, and medical tourism portal based in Colorado, has been watching a growing trend in Asian Americans opting for healthcare in Asia, taking advantage of lower costs, state of the art and high-tech equipment, facilities and training without the long waits and astronomical cost of the same surgeries and procedures as found in the United States.

    One such facility, South Korea’s 365mc’s Obesity Clinic offers a wealth of weight loss programs and procedures and is considered the best obesity clinic in Korea.  From body shaping to liposuction to dietetic therapy, aesthetic surgeries and body contouring, 365mc’s Obesity Clinic was the first to offer treatments, education and procedures for a multitude of weight loss and obesity surgical needs.

    South Korea’s 365mc’s Obesity Clinic also offers a Bariatric Surgery Center, offering gastric sleeve procedures, gastric bypass, morbid obesity operations, adjustable gastric band, Roux-en-Y, and weight loss surgical procedures that cater to the needs of individual clients.

    International patients seeking a lower gastroplasty cost, gastroplasty procedure or gastroplasty reversal come to South Korea’s 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center, which offers the best in bariatric surgery financing, lower bariatric surgery risks, and a multitude of choices when it comes to weight loss and obesity surgical procedures.

    Where the you need a sleeve gastrectomy procedure, laparoscopic band surgery, endoscopic gastroplasty, or gastric bypass to support, South Korea’s 365 mc’s Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center cater to individualized needs with up to date surgical procedures designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

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    Friday,August 21st, 2009

    by Denise

    Tired of looking in the mirror every morning and seeing those wrinkles that seem to grow longer and deeper? Wishing you could do something about those drooping eyelids or those sagging jowls? Millions of women today take advantage of cosmetic procedures, which include cosmetic eyelid surgery, lower facelift, full lift facial and cosmetic surgery face lift procedures. Some are minor and can be done on an outpatient basis, while others are more involved in detail.  Regardless, you can achieve an instant face lift appearance and facelift without surgery that lays you up for weeks, bruised and in pain.


    Facilities such as Ageless Wonders Panama, located in Panama offer the ultimate in medical travel destinations and provide a multitude of cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures that range from minimally invasive to procedures to full facelift surgery. As a face lift alternative, a thread facelift, face lifting, lower eyelid surgery as well as double eyelid surgery procedures offer a younger, more youthful appearance using high-tech and state of the art equipment and technology that enables patients to resume their lives in a minimum of recuperation time.


    In the United States, most elective procedures and surgeries are not covered by medical insurance plans. The cost of skin care treatments varies widely between procedures. For example, micro-dermabrasion, which is commonly used to help eradicate the signs of crow’s feet, lines, and age spots, costs around $200 per treatment. Laser resurfacing treatments may cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per treatment. Botox injections cost around $450 for each vial of Botox, but surgeons will charge between $200 and $300 for each area that is injected with the Botox solution.


    Cosmetic facial surgeries performed at facilities like Ageless Wonders Panama save travelers thousands of dollars in medical care costs. Quality, effective, and expertly trained medical staff provide the same surgeries and techniques as performed in the U.S. for a fraction of the cost.

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    Thursday,August 20th, 2009

    by Denise

    Many of us are perfectly aware, when we wake up every morning and look in the mirror, that we may not quite appear the way we perceive ourselves. Many of us are battling the bulge, whether we’re teenagers, twenty-somethings, or pushing middle age or older.  As we age, our metabolism changes and we naturally tend to gain weight. Many of us don’t like to diet, and some of us don’t like to exercise. Unfortunately, when left to our own devices and our poor high calorie, high fat and high sugar food diets and habits, many of us inevitably deal with more than a bulge and may be considered overweight or even obese.

    Morbid obesity causes a multitude of health issues, including diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and generally places more stress on various organs within our body than most people realize. Many of us succeed in losing weight through exercise, nutrition and diet, while others need a little extra help. Unfortunately, the cost of bariatric or obesity surgeries in the United States is very expensive. Low-cost bariatric surgery, gastric bypass centers, gastroplasty procedure, laparoscopic band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy procedures found in other countries offer superior results utilizing state of the art and high-tech equipment from Mexico to the tip of South America to South Korea and India.

    International medical travelers find cost savings of between 30 and 70% when seeking bariatric surgery or gastroplasty surgical procedures in foreign destinations. Gastroplasty costs in India saves thousands of dollars while offering travelers the benefit of an exotic vacation. Facilities such as 365mc’s Obesity Clinic in Seoul, South Korea, Ageless Wonders Panama, Mexicali Obesity Solutions in Mexico, or Artemis Health Institute in India offer individuals the best in weight loss and obesity procedures, techniques and treatments as those found in the United States, at big savings.

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    Tuesday,August 18th, 2009

    by Denise


    Weight loss management involves treatment of obesity counseling, weight loss therapies and treatment, exercise, nutrition and diet education and counseling, and support. Discussions and counseling from a bariatric surgeon or weight loss physicians is vital.


    Many individuals who undergo bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, banded gastroplasty or lap band surgery believe that all it takes is a relatively simple surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach in order to achieve drastic and long-term weight loss.  The truth is, where the you go in for a lap sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic band surgery, a gastroplasty procedure, a gastric bypass operation, or any other form of bariatric surgery procedure, the individual undergoing the procedure must also make certain changes in his or her lifestyle, diet, and habits.


    Successful and long-term weight loss and weight loss management also involves short and long-term support during the weight loss process. Counseling, group support, and understanding of diet and nutrition as well as the importance of exercise is vital in any successful gastric bypass surgery for obesity, any type of laparoscopic band surgery, and for long-term sleeve gastrectomy recovery and other bariatric surgeries. PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal, offers obesity and weight loss facilities, centers and surgical centers for consumers for use in determining weight loss surgeries, techniques, procedures and programs abroad.


    Facilities like the Antiobesity Center in Cancun, Mexico or 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea offer professional bariatric surgery clinic, experienced leadership, structured exercise, group or individual meetings, prepackaged meals with dietary supplements and weight loss therapies that take behavioral and therapy components into consideration, helping individuals achieve a safe and healthy weight, with the tools necessary for maintaining such weight loss in the future.


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    Monday,August 17th, 2009

    by Denise

    The Antiobesity Center, located in Cancun, Mexico is a state-of-the-art clinic treating obesity through weight loss therapies, weight management techniques weight loss surgical procedures. Taking a multidimensional approach to treatment of obesity, staff at the Antiobesity Center consider cultural, social, metabolic, and physiological aspects that lead to weight gain and obesity.


    Obesity is caused by a multitude of factors, including individual rate of metabolism, psychology (comfort-food heating, stress), genetics, sedentary lifestyles, and some medications. Utilizing all aspects of the potential causes and reasons for an individual’s weight gain or obesity before initiating treatment is a key factor in long-term success. 



    Treatments offered at the Antiobesity Center include:


    • Restrictive and malabsorption of bariatric obesity surgery procedures, defined as

                * Intragastric balloon (BIB® system)

                * Gastric sleeve (such as vertical sleeve gastrectomy)

                * Adjustable gastric band (banded gastroplasty)

                * Mini bypass (may include laparoscopic obesity surgery)

                * Gastric bypass (obesity gastric bypass surgery)

                * Lapband system® (lap banding)

                * Fullsense Bariatric Device®


    • Dietary and nutrition education
    • Exercise training
    • Lifestyle changes

    The Antiobesity Center is located in Cancun, the ultimate tourist destination for many Americans seeking obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures south of the border. Nestled against the Caribbean, Cancun provides modern and state of the art weight loss and obesity surgery center and surgical facilities that may be accessed via national and International airlines.


    So enjoy a bit of the sun and sand while taking care of your health. You can’t find a better and more relaxing destination than Cancun. Easy travel arrangements, affordable bariatric surgery, and the expertise of weight loss physicians and bariatric surgeons will better your quality of life.

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    Friday,August 14th, 2009

    by Denise

    Recently, stem cell researchers in the United States discovered a compound they can eradicate breast cancer stem cells. Doctors and researchers have long believed the cancer stem cells are nearly indestructible, and many don’t react to chemo or radiation treatments.  A recent publication in Cell, has announced the researchers have discovered a compound that will target specific cancer stem cells, leading to hold that these master cancer cells can be eradicated in individuals suffering from multiple forms of cancer.

    Doctors and researchers from around the world have long studied the potential treatments and cures that may be derived from embryonic stem cell research, umbilical cord stem cell research, placenta stem cell therapies and the many uses of various forms of stem cells to treat diseases and illnesses of the human body. The hope for cures for breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer compels researchers in stem cell research facilities around the globe to continually strive to understand the basics of stem cell growth and development.

    Research facilities in the United States, as well as those such as Integra and Progencell in Mexico, and EmCell in Ukraine as well as top-notch and state of the art facilities located throughout Europe, South America, Asia and the United States  continue to search for treatments, drugs and procedures that will specifically target and kill cancer stem cells.

    Adult embryonic stem cell therapy, as well as adult stem cell therapy protocols are being developed around the world and will continue to offer hope to millions of cancer patients for the ultimate treatment and cure.

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    Thursday,August 13th, 2009

    by Denise

    Love playing sports but don’t love what it’s done to your body? Do you need surgery, rehab therapy or some help repairing and re-training those torn rotator cuffs, blown knees or aching hips?


    Physical therapy and rehabilitation involves the regaining of strength and mobility in an injured body area or part following a sports or recreational injury. Physical therapy is designed to help individuals regain strength without furthering injury using a variety of methods. The goals and type of treatment any individual might undergo is determined by the type and seriousness of the injury.


    Kinesiology is the study of human movement in relation to how the body functions. It can be applied in several different ways, including biomechanics, physiotherapy, and exercise physiology as well as psychomotor behavior and training. A trained kinesiologist may be involved or specialize in:


    ·         Rehabilitation

    ·         Function and performance

    ·         Recreation and exercise

    ·         Enhanced movement and function


    The plan of action is to encourage individuals to regain optimal function and mobility. Medical travelers venturing to locations in Mexico such as Ageless Wonders Panama or Artemis Health Institute in India or locations like Terme Selce     in Croatia, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland in Europe may save thousands of dollars on the cost of physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports massage and additional treatments in the field as per recommendations by a physician.


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    Wednesday,August 12th, 2009

    by Denise

    The popularity of medical travel, more commonly known as medical tourism is a more common topic these days than it used to be. At first, people were leery of the concept of visiting other countries for their international medical care needs. What about qualifications? What about experience? What about education in various medical procedures and techniques? Unfortunately, many individuals, mostly in the United States, don’t realize that many other countries in the world offer world class, high-tech and state of the art equipment, surgeons and physicians in most medical fields, including cancer treatment and research, orthopedics, autoimmune disease processes, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, dental care and dental surgeries and more.

    PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal, offers individuals up-to-date information and resources for individuals considering medical tourism. Questions about Spine Care Abroad to anti aging abroad, dental and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics and stem cell research are front and center at PlacidWay.

    Some of the most common questions and individuals considering traveling to another country for medical care would naturally be:

    • How much will it cost?
    • How do I get there?
    • How will I navigate my way in a country where I don’t know the language?
    • Will someone meet me at the airport and take me to the medical facility?
    • Will translators be available?
    • How much training does the surgeon or physician have in this procedure?

    Of course, there’s probably 1,000 more questions than any given individual might want to ask, the taking the first step means researching the facility, checking our web sites, and if possible, contacting individuals who have undergone surgery or treatments at that facility.

    Doctor and facility certification, accreditation, standards of care and quality of care should be uppermost, and patients, regardless of origin, should never be afraid to ask questions of the physician or surgeon. After all, it’s your care.  Options are at your fingertips, and it’s up to you to choose which medical facility will best meet your needs.

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    Tuesday,August 11th, 2009

    by Denise

    The news is filled with new discoveries and benefits of stem cell therapies on a daily basis. However, as most stem cell treatments and therapies aren’t yet approved in the U.S., patients are left in a quandry when it comes to potential treatment. However, one of the most commonly performed transplants in the U.S. has been the bone marrow transplant. Since 1968, this treatment has been used to treat individuals diagnosed with leukemia.

    Today, stem cell transplants (and bone marrow stem cell therapies) may be used to treat multiple forms of cancer, including lymphoma, as well as to replace damaged cells in the heart, lungs, and yes, even the brain. Still, when a patient from the U.S. sees the price tag associated with a bone marrow transplant, they often lose all hope for a cure.

    In the United States,  an autologous bone marrow stem cell transplant will not cost as much as one that involves another individual. For individuals who must find a donor, costs for that search alone may range between $10,000 and $25,000. Following that, compatibility testing must be performed. The collection of stem cells may cost between $3,500 and $5,000 for related donors, though costs may rise to $15,000 to $50,000 dollars for unrelated donors. For an autologous transplant, costs for an individual may range between $50,000 and $100,000, while allogenic transplant may range between $150,000 and $200,000 for the recipient.

    Patients traveling to international destinations may save tens of thousands of dollars or up to 70% on stem cell treatments and therapies. Travelers to Mexico may pay approximately $7,000 to $20,000 for a bone marrow stem cell transplant.

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    Monday,August 10th, 2009

    by Denise

    Recently, some types of stem cell research had been legalized in the United States, promoting therapies and treatments in licensed physician’s offices. In the upcoming World Congress on Anti Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies, breakthroughs in bone marrow stem cell therapy is sure to be discussed.

    One of the most well-known techniques in stem cell therapy today is called a bone marrow stem cell transplant, also known as an adult stem cell transplant.  Bone marrow transplants have long been used to help treat patients diagnosed with leukemia as well as a number of blood disorders.  Blood forms in the bone marrow.  One of the most value products of blood is white blood cells, also known as leukocytes. Leukocytes are the front line of defense to fight off infection, bacteria and viruses in the body.  Bone marrow contains multipotent and adult stem cells, which means that they may be encouraged to develop in a number of different cell types.

    One of the most common forms of bone marrow stem cell therapy is a bone marrow transplant, where in individuals existing bone marrow that has been damaged by cancer are other blood or bone disease or blood that has been exposed to chemotherapy and radiation may be replaced by healthy blood cells and eventually migrate in to the patient’s bone marrow, where it produces healthy and new white blood cells.

    Bone marrow stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplants are not new, but the potential for future discoveries and therapies utilizing bone marrow stem cell therapy holds untold benefits for patients in the future. PlacidWay offers information, articles and resources for stem cell therapy transplants and therapies for international travelers.

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    Saturday,August 8th, 2009

    by Denise

    Antiaging and age management treatments and procedures offer more advancements, and effectiveness than ever before.

    While techniques and methods used in a variety of cosmetic procedures are continually advancing, 2008 has seen a large increase in an injectable and noninvasive treatments such as Botox, as well as breast augmentation procedures. Studies have shown that over 10 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the year 2005 alone, a nearly 40% increase since the turn of the new century. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the global market now exceeds $30 billion, with a sustainable compound annual growth rate in the range of 25%.

    According to statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the following procedures experienced a drastic change in the number of procedures performed in the first decade of the new millennium:

    ·         Breast augmentation

    ·         Breast lift

    ·         Dermabrasion

    ·         Tummy tuck

    ·         Botox treatments

    ·         Laser skin resurfacing


    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons noted a 202% increase in the number of men requesting Botox injections and a 49% increase in the number of men opting for laser skin resurfacing treatments.

    The growth of medical tourism has given consumers more options than ever before in the type and cost of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgical procedures. Some of the most popular destinations, which include Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Thailand and India, offer procedures that save medical travelers tens of thousands of dollars.

    Facilities such as Ageless Wonders Panama and Villa Bella, an exclusive facility in Munich, Germany, offer affordable results. Win the battle against sagging skin and wrinkles. Don’t succumb to aging without putting up a good fight. Anti aging treatments and age management will stand in your corner.



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    Friday,August 7th, 2009

    by Denise

    Because medical tourism is growing in popularity, especially among today’s “middle aged” and boomer populations, inexpensive yet quality dental care, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics are more affordable than ever before. You don’t have to travel far. Cosmetic dentistry services are available south of the border or in your favor tourist destination, wherever that may be.  Affordable cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns and bridges, dental bridge care, as well as dental implant surgeries are available in locations throughout Mexico, Latin America, and in cities in Europe, Asia and around the world where tourists flock every year.

    Whether you’re looking for professional teeth whitening services, invisalign orthodontics, or any other type of orthodontics treatment, inexpensive cosmetic dentistry is available through certified, well trained, and experienced dentists, orthodontists, dental surgeons and facilities.

    Some of the most common dental cosmetic dentistry services facilities offer affordable dentures, orthodontics specialists, dental implant surgery and dental implants specialists in popular tourist destinations around the world. Qualified facilities like Bangkok Dental Image or Medical Poland are available in Asia, Central Europe and South America.

    Don’t let the rising cost of dental, vision or medical care prevent you from receiving the services and treatments that you need. No matter where you’re from, inexpensive cosmetic dentistry can be found in nearly every tourist destination location. Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap or sub-standard.  On the contrary, qualified and experienced dental surgeons, dentists and staff perform everything from teeth whitening to dental implants in state of the art, high-tech and country certified facilities to serve the needs and soothe the pains of individuals from around the world.



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    Thursday,August 6th, 2009

    by Denise

    It seems as if every day, there’s a new discovery in the field of stem cell research.  Recently, bladder stem cells were discovered, which opens the door to the potential for treatments and cures that may help identify the growth and development process of true cancer cells and how they can avoid the body’s natural defenses zones. Stem cell research has the potential of curing hundreds of illnesses and disease processes, given enough attention, research and funding.

    PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal, offers up-to-date and relevant information regarding certified and world-class facilities involved in stem cell research and development that offer treatments in a wide range of medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, anti aging, brain disorders, immunodeficiency disorders, cardiovascular issues and more.

    The more researchers delve into the mysteries of stem cells, adult stem cells, embryonic stem cell therapy, umbilical cord stem cell therapy, placenta stem cell therapy, bone marrow stem cell therapy and others, the faster chores may be developed.

    Human stem cell therapy, stem cell gene therapy, and adult stem cell therapy have been treating cancer, diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injuries and musculoskeletal disorders for years outside the United States, or stem cell treatment has not yet been approved.

    However, the growth of knowledge and understanding regarding stem cell treatment has encouraged clinical trials in the United States, where umbilical cord blood stem cells are now saved as a future safeguard for children’s health. Stem cell research and treatment facilities such Progencell and Integra Medical Center in Mexico, or EmCell Clinic in Ukraine and facilities in Asia offer individuals from around the world the best hope for effective andlong-term medical treatments in the future.

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    Wednesday,August 5th, 2009

    by Denise

    When choosing a medical destination for your needs, your first thoughts (if you live in the U.S.) are Mexico and Thailand or Singapore. But today’s savvy medical travelers, including Europeans, are finding the best of the best in places like Croatia. What do travelers find in Croatia? The best in cosmetic dentistry and surgery and some of the best medical spas in the world.


    Croatia was officially recognized as its own country in 1992, following years of war and conflict. Since then, Croatians have determined to become a focal point for European travelers as well as a global destination that offers the best in tourism, accommodations, dining, entertainment and UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Two such sights, Plitvice Lakes and the Old City of Dubrovnik, draw thousands of visitors a year. Croatia is proud of her many National Parks and islands and the infamous Danube, which attracts visitors looking for classic romance in the city of Vukovar.


    Croatia is an extremely competitive health and medical destination for safe and affordable treatments not only for neighboring Europeans, but travelers from North and South America as well. Croatia is known for superlative care, treatments and procedures in dental and cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and rehab. With state of the art facilities, equipment and expertise, Croatia is building a growing reputation for the best service that still beats medical or health costs from throughout Europe and North America.


    Locations such as Terme Selce in Croatia or world-renowned Dr. Toncic’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Zagreb offer medical spa treatment, anti aging therapies, detox and cosmetic surgeries and executive healthchecks, just to name a few, all at affordable costs, including transportation. If you’re thinking of crossing borders for medical treatment, don’t limit yourself. Qualified, expert and affordable medical care is available out there – in a place you never expected.


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