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Best Revision Surgery at Mexico Bariatric Team in Mexicali Mexico

Best Revision Surgery at Mexico Bariatric Team in Mexicali, Mexico

Bariatric surgery has improved amazingly. Have you undergone weight loss surgery, yet you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped to see? If so, the Mexico Bariatric Team can help. When medical weight loss treatments have failed, this team of experienced bariatric specialists will work with you to find a different weight loss method that works for you. Bariatric surgery revision at their advanced Mexicali surgical center helps patients to lose weight while improving their health.

The Revision Surgical Procedure at Mexico Bariatric Team

Revision surgery from gastric lap band to sleeve gastrectomy is a solution available to patients whose prior bariatric procedure may need adjusting or modification. The band can be revised by converting it to a stapled procedure as the gastric sleeve. This simply involves removing the band and performing the sleeve or bypass as if it were a primary procedure. Since the gastrointestinal tract has not been modified in any way previously, the only limitation to these procedures involves surgical risk and the patient’s ability to heal effectively.

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