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Top Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in India

Top Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in India

The growth of medical tourism in India has reinforced the country’s healthcare system, allowing better facilities for foreign nationals who come to seek freedom from their medical woes.

Spine surgery in India is significantly low-priced as compared to the West, and services of Indian healthcare facilities are especially beneficial for those who do not have access to cutting edge treatments facilities, high quality hospitals and doctors in their country.

Artificial disc replacement is the procedure through which a damaged spine disc is replaced with an artificial one. By replacing the disc and removing it, as in the case of spinal fusion procedure, the spine keeps its natural mobility, therefore preventing abnormal motion or stress on the other spinal segments.

Good candidates for this procedure are patients who suffer from reduced mobility and pain caused by joint degeneration processes. Disc replacement is a long-term solutions for people between 30 and 60 years old.

Not everyone with back pain is a good candidate for artificial disc replacement surgery. Your doctor will perform a number of tests to determine if it’s the right procedure for you.


Artificial disc replacement surgery might be recommended if:

  1. The source of your back pain mostly comes from only 1 or 2 disks in the spine.
  2. You have no significant joint disease or compression on the nerves.
  3. You are not excessively overweight.
  4. You haven’t previously had spinal surgery.
  5. You don’t have scoliosis or other spinal deformity.

If you suffer from degenerative disc, caused by osteoarthritis or other conditions you can benefit from Artificial Disc Replacement to solve the thinning, herniated, or bulging discs in a section of the spinal column.

Total disc replacement is most commonly performed in the lower back region (lumbar disc replacement) or in the neck region (cervical replacement).

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