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Hundreds of Successful Organ Transplants Performed at Kent Hospital in Turkey

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Successful Organ Transplant in Turkey - Medical Tourism

Hundreds of Successful Organ Transplants Performed at Kent Hospital in Turkey

Finding out that you are the 80,000th patient on the waiting list for a liver or kidney transplant can be heartbreaking. Doing hours and hours of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis is a life sentence. But patients in Eastern Europe and Middle East are facing other problems which prevent them from getting a chance to a new life: the lack of medical infrastructure.

The lack of specialized surgeons in organ transplant, medical equipment and technology needed for this procedure and the need for specialized clinics and hospitals is what pushes East Europeans and patients from Middle East to other countries.

Turkey is becoming a popular option when it comes to living donor organ transplant. The country is 3rd in the world with regard to liver, bone marrow, kidney and face transplantation operations.  The cost of kidney transplant in Turkey is approximately $30,000 and a liver transplant is around $100,000, including doctors’ fees, medication, 20 days hospitalization, complete tests, pre and post surgery check up.

These are the prices that patients can find at Kent Hospital, a JCI Accredited medical facility specialized in organ transplantations. Kent Hospital is the best hospital for Liver Transplant from live donors not only from Turkey, but in Europe, Africa and Middle East. The hospital’s medical team  brings together the best liver transplant surgeons in Europe bringing Kent Hospital the reputation for being a ‘center of excellence’.

 Turkey Organ Transplant Law for International Patients

Organ Transplants Law for International Patients

The Turkish Health Ministry legal guideline states that organ transplants for international patients are possible only if the patient comes to Turkey for operation with his/her donor. The donor must be relative of the patient up to forth degree or his/her spouse. It is forbidden for foreign patients to have cadaveric organ transplantation.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Health:

  • The candidate donor must be at least 18 years old and be mentally balanced.
  • The Patient and the donor must have compatible blood groups
  • The donor should not have any medical condition or overweight problems
  • The donor must be a relative of the patient or his/her spouse up for forth degree.
  • First degree: mother, father, child
  • Second degree: sibling, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild
  • Third degree: paternal/ maternal uncle, aunt, cousin
  • Fourth degree: children of third degree relatives

Organ Transplant Success Rate in Turkey - Medical Tourism

To date, Kent Hospital has in its portfolio more than 1,700 successful liver transplants (almost 150 per year) and a mortality rate of less than 10%. The liver transplant surgeons at Kent Hospital

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