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Food Cravings – You Can Control Them!

Food Cravings – You Can Control Them!

If you thought that craving is only a pregnancy thing, you were wrong. Studies have shown that almost 100% of young women and a little under 70% of young men have food cravings.

You cannot resist when you see that chocolaty muffin in front of you, or you desperately seek a donut sign  on the street as if you were an addicted just out of rehab? You know you shouldn’t, you know it’s not healthy, you know you’re on a diet….but oh, the temptation!

Why do we crave?

food cravings control themWell, scientists say it’s in our instincts. Going back hundreds and thousands of years, people did not have much to eat. Sometimes not even enough to survive. That is why the brain is programmed to detect and want calorie-rich foods such as that ice cream or piece of cake and not broccoli.

But, if we are born with some cravings, the others are developed throughout our lives. The longer we eat/drink something or in large quantities, the higher the change of craving that product. Cravings are also influenced by culture, tradition and the area we live in. For example many Japanese women crave sushi, which will not be the case in Europe for example.

Another cause for craving would be that several regions in the brain, those responsible for sensing pleasure and memory, become activate during food craving episodes. Food craving is associated with reducing anxiety, calming stress and satisfying other emotional needs. Researchers say that fat + sugar = a calming effect.

How can I stop food cravings?

There are some steps to follow if you decide to give up on chocolate, muffins, cookies, cakes, milkshakes…yeah, you got the point. So, here it is:

1. Remove anything tempting from your cupboards

Just as if you were in rehab. Get rid of the drug as soon as possible.

2. Carry healthy foods in your purse

How about putting a banana and an apple in your purse instead of a bar of chocolate or M&Ms?

3. Eat small & frequent meals

This way your blood sugar level will be stable and you will avoid the body’s craving for a fast sugar fix.

4. Do not give up on sweets entirely

What if instead of that candy bar you would eat a small piece of dark chocolate, or if instead of that big bowl of ice cream you’d choose a small scoop of quality ice cream?

5. Eat frozen fruits

Just put in the freezer some grapes, banana slices, raspberry, or whatever fruits you love and eat them whenever you crave something sweet.

These would be only few of the methods you could choose to keep your cravings under control. If other method works for you or you would like to add one to this list, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Posted: September 26, 2014 13:23

    Lyndsey Finkelstein

    If you are determined to lose weight, it's easier to stop food cravings. Even if there are lots of food in front you, it's like it's not even enticing to grab anything.

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