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Can You See Me Now?

If you’re having trouble reading this post, have you considered that you might need corrective vision treatment?  Sadly, our vision care is usually the most neglected aspect of our health and wellness care. However, ignoring your eye care and eye health may have devastating effects.

Vision problems such as cataracts, blurred vision, cloudy vision, and astigmatism, amblyopia, myopia, and others, are often ignored until vision is severely impaired. The problem is, access to eye clinic facilities and opportunities aren’t available in many regions, and regular eye exams, glasses, contacts, or other corrective vision treatments are often beyond the means of many.

Cataracts are only treatable through surgery. Minimally invasive surgery like LASIK eye care treats vision problems including near and farsightedness, and blurred or double vision.

Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and corneal grafts or corneal transplants are performed at high-tech, state of the art and world-class  facilities around the world like the  BLK Memorial Hospital in India. You can find affordable LASIK vision therapies and eye care clinics from India to Mexico, at facilities like Family Hospital (Hospital de la Familia) in Mexicali. Scanhealth, in Haugesund, Norway and Surgical Bliss, in Cape Town, South Africa are wonderful destinations for both a vacation and your eye surgery.

For Lasik care abroad, or affordable eye hospitals in Singapore to the best Lasik surgery in Norway, visit, your one-stop resource for information about eye care, surgeries and certified Lasik professionals and ophthalmologists abroad.

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