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Asian-Pacific Countries on the Brink of Success in Health and Wellness Tourism

While the economy in the U.S. continues to stagnate, the hospitality industry in India and Asian and Pacific Island regions continues to grow. Why? Because tens of thousands of people from around the world are travelling across borders for medical and dental care in those areas. Why? Because lower costs for care, in addition to faster service, has driven many people from their homelands and toward foreign destinations for their health and wellness care.

In India, the hotel and hospitality markets estimate income of nearly $30 billion between 2011 and 2011, according to Business Wire. Medical tourism is among the major trends leading to such an economic boom for India. However, India isn’t the only Asian-Pacific country to benefit from increased tourism to the area. Countries like Malaysia, the Philippines and China are growing in popularity as medical destinations. Healthcare services offered in the Philippines have generated earnings of over one billion dollars from foreign tourists between 2006 and 1010.

According to the HealthCore Industry Report, the health and wellness medical tourism market has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The Philippines are hosting the first Global Healthcare Forum, where they intend to announce the findings of the report. The Philippines has the potential to focus on expanding their own healthcare infrastructure, according to Joyce Alumno,  HealthCore Executive Director and Chief Strategist.

Adding to the benefits of the industry overall, the Filipino people are well known for their friendliness and compassion. They speak English, which also encourages foreign travelers to consider treatment there.

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