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Get the Monkey off your back with Drug Treatment Facilities and Therapies Abroad

Whether you’re a slave to prescription or street drugs, you know how devastating drug use, and abuse, can be to yourself and your family. You may be living it, or a close family member or friend watching the disaster unfold around you. Regardless of your association to drugs, or what type they are, you can find help to kick those habits for good.

Medical insurance does not cover the cost of drug addiction treatment plans, which may range in duration from weeks to months to years, depending on the individual.  However, individuals seeking drug addiction treatment at international rehab and drug addiction treatment facilities around the world find affordable, private and effective treatments at enormous cost savings, even after the cost of transportation is considered into pricing.

Facilities such as Dr. Vorobiev and the Russian Serbian Rehab Clinic offer revolutionary and effective techniques in the treatment of many forms of addiction, including cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. 

Dr. Vorobiev takes a unique approach to drug addiction and other forms of addiction:

  • Combine psychology, psychiatry, and natural therapies
  • Detoxification techniques
  • Aversion therapy
  • Body oriented therapies such as Yoga

International drug treatment facilities offer hope and a future for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and abuse.

Dr. Vorobiev has opened facilities around the globe, including one in Monterrey, Mexico called Rehab in Mexico. From alcohol addiction to gambling addictions to eating disorders, Dr. Vorobiev’s staff and approach to care provide quality treatments at competitive prices.

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