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Medical Tourism Egypt Style

Egypt has been a tourist attraction for as long as civilization. Pyramids, tombs, cities and shops in Egypt are thousands of years old. Another popular aspect of travel to Egypt is its growing medical tourism. Egypt has some of the highest standards of cosmetic surgery in the world, and some of the lowest prices. The advantages of medical tourism are savings on medical procedures accompanied by a great escape from everyday life.


Even though Cairo is thousands of years old, it’s still a fully functional, modern day city filled with high-tech and world-class facilities and opportunities.

Egypt is fast growing a reputation of a medical tourist destination that offers superlative dental treatment in Hurghada, and affordable surgery in Egypt is drawing the attention of competitors in the fields of cardiac and cancer care from around the globe. Hospitals in Egypt provide environments that cater to patient care and service. American and British medical schools and universities often train surgeons in Egypt, and surgery in Egypt provides expertise and experience of care in a wide range of medical disciplines.

There are also other benefits to visiting Egypt. Visitors can enjoy cultural and historic places but they will also enjoy modern, new, and exciting and comfortable amenities. For cancer treatment abroad, Egypt is a modern oasis – a paradise in the middle of the desert. Here, technological advancements are not forgotten. Many of the doctors in Egypt that practice medicine throughout Egypt have studied abroad in Western countries and provide treatment at a fraction of the prices that you would otherwise expect.

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